Blog: 10 Steps to CrowdStreet Marketplace Fundraising Success

  1. Get to know the CrowdStreet (CS) Marketplace
  2. Submit Your Deal – Provide a company overview (including track record) and deal specific information (investment memo, pro forma, sales comparables, rent comparables, third party reports, investor documents and market data) to CS to ensure the project meets our screening criteria.
  3. Team Buy-In – Given the public nature of a fundraising campaign, it’s important to have everyone from the CEO down to analysts on your team bought in with the process. Confirm that all key team members have seen a live or pre-recorded demo of the CS Marketplace solution.
  4. Detailed Investment Review – Consult with our investment team to confirm that your funding goals and deal terms are aligned with our Investor Community demand.
  5. Investor Docs – Produce your investor document set, including an investor memo, subscription agreement, operating agreement and PPM.
  6. Compliance – Confirm your commitment to Reg D, Rule 506(c), permitting advertising of your offering. Alternatively, we offer a “private” Reg D 506 (b) track for more discreet offerings. We also offer a Reg A+ offering track for unaccredited investors.
  7. Checklist – Confirm that you have the mandatory and recommended items in the checklist. We will help you build an FAQ, draft the posting content and create a webinar.
  8. Kickoff – Sign the CS agreements and schedule a kickoff call with our production team to build you Marketplace posting.
  9. Launch! – Approve your Marketplace posting information and we will launch your campaign to over 11,000 high-net-worth and institutional investors across the U.S..
  10. Attract & Convert Investors – CS marketing team will lead a comprehensive digital marketing campaign on your behalf. CS investment managers serve as your single point of contact as you convert our investor-members into your investors and raise capital for your deal. A limited amount of direct investor engagement is to be expected.

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