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Connect with high-net-worth investors who are looking to invest in institutional quality commercial real estate.

CrowdStreet can help you build a larger investor network and raise funds efficiently. With CrowdStreet’s marketplace, you join a vibrant community that directly connects high quality offerings with qualified investors. CrowdStreet investors are high-net-worth, accredited investors looking to invest in institutional quality commercial real estate around the United States.

Why use CrowdStreet’s marketplace? Our marketplace is the largest and most active direct-to-investor marketplace for commercial real estate investing. This model, preferred by our investors, allows for direct access to individual investors resulting in more control and lower long-term cost of capital. Our investors are educated, professional investors and the majority of them have made offline investments in CRE.

And don’t worry if this is the first time using an online marketplace – we’re here to help you through all stages of your offering. Our experts to help you structure your deal, create a story to promote it on the marketplace and support you throughout your investment period.


Build Direct Investor Relationships
Our direct-to-investor model allows you to connect directly with investors, use your legal documents and maintain control over existing passive investors.


Gain Access to Active Online Community
With over 30,000 individual investors, take advantage of our marketplace to access active investors.


Partner With Experts
CrowdStreet experts are here to help you structure your deal with the right terms to maximize investor acquisition while still meeting your investment goals.

Integrated Communications Allows your team to communicate with investors directly from within the platform while keeping an auditable record of every conversation.

Dedicated Investor Relations Team
Our Investor Relations team answers investor questions – limiting service calls for you – and helps move investors through the offer process.


Offering Page Setup
Our team takes your investment documents and builds a media rich offering page to attract, educate, and convert curious investors into serious offers.

Publishing Platform Creates beautiful online webpages for each offering.

Marketing Campaign
Through hosted webinars, emails and advanced digital targeting, our expert CrowdStreet marketing team will increase your offering visibility to the right audience.

Raise funds quickly, acquire new investors and easily manage them all in one place with CrowdStreet’s online marketplace.

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