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The SMARTCAP Group manages over 450,000 Sq. Ft. of commercial real estate investments in the Seattle area, with a focus on value-add opportunities. Its team members have over 20 years of combined experience in syndicating, investing and managing commercial real estate and 30 years in growing teams for Fortune 500 technology corporations and start-ups. Leveraging its deep technology background, SmartCap built a custom solution to underwrite investments exponentially faster than the competition and with exceptional accuracy.


SmartCap Founder/CEO Tim Shoultz, and Founder/COO Joe Ollis are long-time technology industry veterans. The pair became acquainted over a 14-year stint at Microsoft and came together as commercial real estate investment partners in 2009. As their success grew, so did their interest in evolving from investors to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Sponsors. They founded SmartCap in 2014, with an initial focus on retail centers and value-add suburban office assets.

The challenge for SmartCap was two-fold. First, the company needed an Investment Management solution that met their high technical standards. The solution also had to provide their investors with the functionality they knew was crucial based on their own experience as investors.

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