Investor Acquisition

Grow your investor base using solutions built just for CRE

Repeat investors deliver the best cost-of-capital. Fund your current deal while preparing for your next with CrowdStreet’s powerful investor acquisition solutions.

  • Provide your CRE firm with a modern, branded, and secure online investment solution with CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct.
  • Promote investment offerings online to your existing investor network using CrowdStreet’s integrated communications and onboarding tools.
  • Recruit new investors to your firm using CrowdStreet’s powerful digital advertising solutions.
  • Turbocharge subscriptions by dual-posting offerings to your Sponsor Direct and the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

Offering Promotion

Publish and promote your investment offering on the web

Presentation and promotion are essential components to any successful online raise.

Create a beautiful online investment offering with the CrowdStreet Publishing Platform. Incorporate video, multimedia, webinars, maps, high-resolution images and more to create a powerful and persuasive online investment presentation. Convert investor prospects immediately with integrated online subscription tools.

Presentation is only half of story - firms also need to get their presentation materials in front of potential investors in order to be successful.

Insure your investment offering reaches the right investors, and at the right time, with CrowdStreet’s integrated promotion solutions. Optionally promote offerings directly to CrowdStreet’s existing investor network through the CrowdStreet Marketplace. Successfully solicit investments from investors on the web at large using CrowdStreet’s proven digital advertising solutions.

Fundraising Automation

Accelerate your fundraising with secure, digital transaction tools

Subscribe investors in just moments (instead of days) with automated transaction solutions.

  • Close faster with increased investor satisfaction with automated online subscriptions.
  • Securely distribute and store offering documents with our integrated document management system.
  • Increase fundraising productivity by significantly reducing staff subscription workload.
  • Improve customer service speed and efficiency with integrated email, chat, FAQ and help center tools.

Investment Management

Modernize your investment back-office and reduce overhead

Automate your investments back-office and improve investor satisfaction. Stop chasing checks - start building stronger investor relationships.

  • Streamline capital markets with powerful integrated solutions including Investor Portals, Investor Reporting, and the most powerful CRM for commercial real estate investing.
  • Manage investment ownership, transactions, and even complex multi-tiered investment entities with CrowdStreet’s powerful and mature investment management solution.
  • Integrate with your existing back-office systems for a unified investor lifecycle management experience.
  • Increase investor retention with integrated reinvestment solutions including support for 1031 exchanges.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage and closely track your growing investor base with CRE’s most powerful CRM

Transform Capital Markets with a powerful CRM designed just for CRE Investing.

  • Easily manage all standard CRM functions such as investor profiles, communications tracking, and data exporting.
  • Benefit from additional powerful, integrated capabilities not seen in other CRM solutions.
  • Easily communicate with investors using built-in email segmentation and communications. (No MailChimp, Gmail, or Outlook required.)
  • Evaluate prospective investors and initiate contact (before they submit an offer) using built-in Investor Lead Scoring.
  • Track the impact of promotions and marketing programs on investor acquisition and fundraising with built-in attribution tracking.

Investor Portals

Amaze investors with secure, personalized online portals

Improve investors satisfaction with a modern and secure digital experience.

  • Provide investors secure access to documents, transactions, and investment performance at any time, from any device.
  • Easily promote new offerings to existing investors by leveraging the integration between Investor Portals and the full power of the CrowdStreet Publishing Platform. Go beyond virtual tours with full digital publishing capabilities including videos, webinars, maps, and high-resolution photos.
  • Significantly reduce overhead by enabling investors to self-service account and reporting requests and download personalized data and documents.

Investor Reporting

Improve investor satisfaction with self-serve reporting and communication solutions

Delight investors with secure access to personalized performance reporting.

  • Easily generate an institutional-grade, personalized performance report for each investor using a single button click with CrowdStreet’s automated reporting solutions.
  • Provide beautiful portfolio dashboards with consolidated reporting for all investor holdings with your firm.
  • Easily manage and securely archive all investor communications and documents.

Security & Compliance

Insure SEC-compliance with institutional-level security

Ensure SEC-compliance with institutional-grade security technology and procedures.

  • Fundraise online with confidence, knowing that CrowdStreet maintains a complete SEC-compliant audit trail of all documents and activity of the platform.
  • Manage investors from anywhere in the world, in complete security - courtesy of 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Protect your confidential information, with robust roles-based permissions for staff and investor accounts.
  • Keep your investors, your investors - with strict investor segregation between the CrowdStreet Marketplace and CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct.
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