Customer Testimonial – Guerrilla Development

  Guerrilla Development is a real estate company focused on creating inventive and experimental commercial real estate projects.  Guerrilla came to CrowdStreet in 2016 while planning the Regulation A+ capital raise for their Fair-Haired Dumbbell office development and they were in urgent need of a software solution that could handle online solicitation of the project as well … Continued

Customer Testimonial – Urban Development Partners NW

  UD+P is a vertically-integrated sponsor specializing in renovation and new construction in urban settings with a goal of enhancing the unique characteristics of each neighborhood and community.  UD+P came to CrowdStreet looking to modernize their existing capital formation and investor management processes.  CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct provided UDP with a secure online portal featuring a … Continued

Customer Testimonial – Vesta Hospitality

  Vesta Hospitality, established in 1996, is a respected hospitality industry leader offering a complete range of services including management, development and acquisitions. They came to CrowdStreet in 2014, interested in experimenting with online capital formation. CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct provided them with a powerful online funding portal which was directly integrated into their existing website. … Continued

Bharat H. Sangani M.D

Case Study: Encore Enterprises

“With CrowdStreet we’ve grown our investor base, launched a feature rich Encore-branded online investor portal, and transformed our internal investment processes in ways that make our business both more efficient and more rewarding to our investors.”

Sponsor Direct Platform

Case Study: Sponsor Direct

“Sponsor Direct has increased the efficiency of our IRM team by more than 30%. It used to take weeks to get final docs and payments. The same process now takes 2 days.”

Scott White Mainstreet

Customer Testimonial – Mainstreet

  Mainstreet Chief Operating Officer Scott White shares his experience using the CrowdStreet crowdfunding platform to raise over $1.6 million toward the development of Mainstreet Bloomington, a 66,197-square-foot Next Generation™ senior care and rehabilitation facility in Bloomington, Ind.

Case Study – Crowdfunding Senior Housing

Mainstreet Innovation in Action Indiana-based Mainstreet is a trailblazer in creating a new generation of senior housing, including long-term and short-stay transitional care properties. So, it is no surprise that the company was first in line to utilize the CrowdStreet real estate crowdfunding platform. Changes in the JOBS Act have allowed us to democratize the … Continued

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