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If you’re like most real estate sponsors, you’re using limited technology to handle investor management. Investor records might be stored in Excel or in a general-purpose CRM like SalesForce. Investor communications happen via email and phone (and maybe even physical mail). Investment subscriptions are accomplished through physical signed documents and fax. Your timelines to promote a new investment offering and get investors subscribed are probably measured in weeks (if not more).

There’s a better way. CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct is a powerful, fully-integrated investor management platform that streamlines and automates your investments back-office. With CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct, sponsor investment timelines shrink from weeks to less than 24 hours!

CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct includes the following integrated solutions that work together perfectly to improve the speed and efficiency of your Investor Relations team:

  • Publishing Platform – creates beautiful online webpages for each offering
  • Transaction Center – enables investors to submit investment offers online in just minutes
  • Investor Portal – provides investors a secure, personalized portal for self-service reporting and document downloads
  • Management Center – enables you to track and manage all your investors from a single, unified interface.
  • Integrated Communications – allows your team to communicate with investors directly from within the platform while keeping an auditable record of every conversation.
  • Purpose-Built CRM – easily manage your investor base with the most powerful CRM built specifically for real estate investors.

To see how CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct transformed one Sponsors IRM practice (and cut workload by over 40%) – please download our case study: “Denholtz Associates and CrowdStreet…”.

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