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Engage Investors, Increase Offers, Speed Up The Transaction Process
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Investor Engagement

Build, publish, promote your offers online and harness the power of online fundraising.

Grow Your Investor Base Using Online Fundraising

Grow your investor base using a branded, secure and completely turn-key solution to easily and efficiently publish and promote investment
offerings online.
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Speed Up The Transaction Process

Use a modern, simple to follow process means both your investors and your firm always know where each offer sits in the process and what action items are left to close an offer – speeding up time to close to hours rather than days or weeks.
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Investment Management

Move beyond only managing your investors. Manage the whole investment lifecycle!

Manage It All, From Every Angle.

Manage every aspect of your investments, including: offers, investments, K1s and legal documents, emails, distributions, and capital transactions.
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Happy Investors = Healthy Investments

Provide your investors a great user experience by giving them a powerful dashboard to view and organize all their investments in one place. Our self service Investment Hub cuts down on Investor Relations service and support calls.
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A CRM Built for the CRE World

Sponsor Direct’s investor CRM is specifically designed for the CRE world,
built to help you store, analyze and manage all your investors, investing entities, offers and investments data.

All Your Data In One Place

Capture and track your investors data across all investments, creating a central, easy to organize, easy to use
database of record.

Better Customer Service

Provide great customer service by having all investor data at your fingertips. Know your investor’s history and preferences before you call and delight them with a great user experience!

Lists & Filters To Prioritize Your Time

Use lead lists, lead scoring and filters to make your Investor Relations team more efficient at prospecting and
converting investors.

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