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Exponentially grow your business by gaining access to CrowdStreet’s experienced, high-net-worth investor community.

Investment firms historically needed a robust network of friends and family, broker/dealers, and institutional capital to raise the funds necessary to keep their businesses growing. Oftentimes, this patchwork of funding sources results in high fees, lower returns and a lot of investor hand-holding. Using CrowdStreet’s technology allows you to tap into the demand from individual high-net-worth investors looking to invest in commercial real estate.

You have two ways to raise funds with CrowdStreet:

  • Raising funds with our marketplace: Combining expert services, unique technology and custom marketing, CrowdStreet takes all the work out of raising capital for your next investment. From help structuring your deal, to answering investor questions, and technology support for managing your investors post-close, we provide a complete investment lifecycle solution.
  • Raising funds with your own private portal: Easily integrating a white labeled, CrowdStreet powered, web portal allows you to tap into the same technology powering our public marketplace to raise funds with your existing private network of investors. Your private portal allows you invite existing or new investors to view your offerings, automate the transaction process, easily raise funds online, and increase deal flow. And you can fundraise online with confidence, CrowdStreet maintains a complete SEC-compliant audit trail of all documents and fundraising activity.
Publishing Platform Creates beautiful online webpages for each offering.

Publishing Platform
Create beautiful online webpages
for each offering with offering specific information, tables, videos and documents.


Share Your Offerings
Invite existing or new investors, friends and family to privately view offerings and securely access offering documents in your personally branded portal.


Engage Investors
Engage your investors by sharing your offerings with simple email campaigns and track whether your messages have been received.


Lead Scoring & Tracking
Powerful tools allow you to prioritize and engage your strongest prospects and increase your offer to investment conversion rates.


Partner With Experts
CrowdStreet experts are here every step of the way to help you to set up your offering and supporting you all the way through your investment period.


Automated Transaction Process
The simplification and automation of the transaction process creates transparency for your team and your investors while reducing the burden on your staff.

The CrowdStreet Marketplace is a direct-to-investor marketplace – meaning, you have direct access to the individuals who invest with you.

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