Sponsor Direct is the only investor acquisition and relationship management software built specifically for online real estate fundraising, investor communication and investment management. Built for the real estate industry, our combination of features eases the burden of investor relationship management while helping grow your business. With white-glove customer service, we customize the look and feel of your new investor portal and integrate it directly into your existing website within a couple of weeks. Key benefits include:

    1. Publish, announce and promote your new offerings, either privately or with public advertising, to your investor network with the Publishing Platform. Your investors will be delighted to receive personalized invitations to invest in your new offerings resulting in more equity raised in shorter timeframes.
    1. Organize, monitor and track activity with your active and prospective investors with a powerful CRM system built specifically for the investment real estate industry. Finally, a Customer Relationship Management software built for real estate firms with all the comprehensive features and functionality you need and none of the complex stuff you don’t want.
    2. Automate online transactionsby allowing your investors to submit offers, e-sign subscription agreements, verify their accreditation status and fund within minutes rather than weeks. With your own Transaction Center serving as your “book of record”, you will know exactly how many dollars are committed and funded in real-time. We’ve eliminated the guesswork and the spreadsheets while accelerating your fundraising timeframes.
    3. Communicate with your investors with an integrated email marketing engine capable of producing professionally designed, personalized messages.
    4. Report to your investors and provide them 24/7 access to their property portfolio details thanks to beautifully designed Investor Portals. Your investors will thank you for providing them with transparency, accessibility and self-service functionality to grow and manager their real estate portfolio.
    5. Centralize your operations in the Management Portal, your investment management “command center” to track all investors, properties and investment vehicles. We’ve simplified investment management with an easy to use interface and comprehensive set of features including account balances, distribution history, ownership percentages, multi-entity affiliations, tax documents, banking information, investor preferences and more by customizing fields that meet your unique reporting needs.
    6. Turbo-charge the growth of your investor network by optionally posting select offerings to the CrowdStreet Marketplace, the #1 direct-to-investor CRE investing marketplace in the US. Leverage CrowdStreet’s nationwide community of 25,000+ investor-members to distribute your offering to a new audience of prospective investors.
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