Online Fundraising For CRE Capital – Recent Changes & Policy Outlook for 2018

Recent tax legislation signed into law will provide new benefits to commercial real estate operators and investors. The significance of which has spurred industry interest in other pending legislative and regulatory on the horizon in 2018. Specifically, what federal capital markets reform recommendations and recently passed financial services legislation will mean to online real estate fundraising. This article aims to highlight those upcoming changes and how they will impact online commercial real estate investing.

3 Types of Investors and What They Look For in a Sponsor

It’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a typical online CRE investor. Individuals come to our marketplace from all over the world and all walks of life. Some are veterans who have spent decades in the industry, while others have never really invested in anything and are looking to transform a sudden windfall into lasting wealth for their families. Still others have made fortunes building their businesses, and see a portfolio of passive CRE investments as a smart and relatively stress-free alternative to more active kinds of investment.

Trust: The Key to Turning Investors into Re-Investors

If you’ve ever flown first class, stayed at a luxury hotel, or dined at a world-class restaurant, you know the value of a premium customer experience. A unique, enjoyable, or captivating experience can create lifelong memories and build positive associations with a brand that are difficult to break.

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