Blog: Online Real Estate Marketplaces: Direct-To-Investor vs. SPV Platforms

Commercial real estate online fundraising has experienced explosive growth in the past three years with dozens of platforms emerging to offer investment opportunities to investors. In a sector that has become increasingly crowded, it is all the more important for both investors and sponsors to understand the key differences that exist between the leading business models that can have a big impact on “the three Rs” – returns, risk and relationships.

Blog: K1 Distribution Headaches? CrowdStreet’s Investment Management Solutions Can Help

For many CRE investment firms, the K1 process is laborious. It involves a patchwork of spreadsheets, file-sharing applications, even snail mail. Lack of automation and integration with these disparate systems adds unnecessary complexity to what is already a formidable task. While this is a common headache, there is a cure for what ails you. Welcome to the simplicity of online tax document distribution via CrowdStreet’s Sponsor Direct.

Infographic: CrowdStreet’s Momentum in 2017

In 2017, CrowdStreet increased investment dollars managed on its platform by 4x, reaching $4.2 billion, and doubled the number of investors year-over-year to more than 61,000. October was our best month to-date for the Marketplace, raising over $25 million in a single month, putting our Marketplace investment run rate at $250 Million per year.

Blog: Investment Management Software: Get the Buyers Guide

Investment Management (IM) Software is a new class of software that takes the concept of Investor Management to new heights. IM Software aims to solve the core pain points for CRE investment firms. Now, marketing offerings to your existing investor base, automating transactions, managing current investor relationships, attracting new ones, and reaching out for reinvestment can all be handled inside one technology platform.

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