Impact Housing & CrowdStreet Launch New Reg A+ REIT

“CrowdStreet’s technology platform provides us with the confidence needed to both fundraise online at scale, and then effectively and efficiently manage the investors for the duration of their investment. The unique ability to solicit new investors, transact offers, and efficiently manage hundreds of subscribed investors, all using a single platform, makes CrowdStreet an essential part of this Regulation A offering.”

Webinar: In the Trenches with Investors

In this webinar John Robertson, Senior Investor Relations Manager, and Darren Powderly, Co-Founder, will explore what investors look for in a sponsor and investment opportunity.

CrowdStreet Marketplace Overview

The CrowdStreet Marketplace is an online platform enabling CRE sponsors to publish & promote investment offerings directly to the CrowdStreet audience of over 25,000 registered investors. The Marketplace platform enables investors to complete the full CRE investment subscription process; from initial offering review, offer submission, e-signing of subscription documents, through investor verification and electronic transfer of funds – in minutes rather than days.

Management Portal Overview

The CrowdStreet Management Portal is the sponsor’s unified command center. From here sponsor staff can track and nurture investor prospects, oversee the investment transaction process, and directly manage investor communications and requests.

Investor Rooms Overview

The Investor Room is each investor’s personal control panel. Investors can securely log-in and view current performance of their investment, review updates from sponsors, access current and previous years K1 s, review all messages from sponsors, and much more.

Transaction Center Overview

Collecting offers and closing documents doesn’t have to be a painful and time -consuming process. The CrowdStreet Transaction Center automates much of the investment process; from recording investment offers and sending closing docs, to registering investor verifications and electronic fund transfers.

Publishing Platform Overview

When raising capital in a digital environment, having a high-quality and highly-visible investment offering page is essential. Through its expertise in running the CrowdStreet Marketplace over the past two years, CrowdStreet has gained extensive knowledge and best practices, and has applied them towards developing the most robust cross-platform publishing system in the industry.

Sponsor Direct Platform Overview

The CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct Platform is the first of its kind; a comprehensive software solution that streamlines and manages every aspect of commercial real estate investor acquisition and management.

Crowdfunding and IRM Software: The Real Estate Sponsor’s Secret Weapon

In this article we give an overview of online capital formation and IRM solutions, highlight the synergistic benefits delivered by the two solutions, and provide several examples of how real estate sponsors are using these tools to significantly scale their investor networks while streamlining fundraising processes.

What is Real Estate Syndication?

A real estate syndicate is a group of investors who pool their capital to buy or build property. Combined, individuals and companies have more buying power than what they could manage on their own. Syndicates are commonly structured as special-purpose entities, such as limited Partnerships (“LPs”) or limited liability companies (“LLCs”). Despite the legal form it takes, a special purpose entity is the method by which investors purchase the real estate, such as an apartment complex, office building or even a portfolio or property fund.

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