Help Your Financial Advisor Partners Achieve Investor Portfolio Diversification

Provide your financial advisors with easy tools to engage and educate their investors.

Financial advisors today have doubts as to the returns they can provide for their investors from traditional stocks and bonds, and even REITs. And investors are demanding more and different options for passive investing. According to the 2017 Trends in Investing Survey from the Financial Planning Association, 47% of financial advisors are looking for new ways to diversify their client portfolios.

CrowdStreet can help you connect and engage with your financial advisor partners in a better way, so that they can meet the needs of the modern investor. Gone are the days of printing and mailing Private Placement Memorandums to prospective advisors and their investors, and of one-off communications.

CrowdStreet has built easy-to-use online tools specifically for advisors to simplify promotion of new offerings and investor communications. Advisors using the CrowdStreet platform are able to engage and promote your offerings online to their client investors and track the engagement of those investors. They can also use the advisor tools to provide updated investment information to their investors throughout the investment period.

How does it work? First, sponsors invite advisors to join their private portal. Advisors then use the CrowdStreet platform to invite their investors to join the portal, access offerings and download offering material. Simple!


Advisor Engagement
Invite your advisors to join your private portal and use the platform to engage and promote your offering to their client investors.


Advisor-to-Investor Relationship
Honor the advisor-to-investor relationship by flagging the investor as the advisor’s client throughout the investment period.


Engage Client Investors
Enable advisors to easily share your offerings with simple email campaigns and track whether messages have been received.


Lead Scoring & Tracking
Powerful tools allow your advisors to prioritize and engage the strongest prospects for your offerings.


Investor CRM
Capture and track both your investors and your advisor’s investors in a central, organized database.


Track Advisor Performance
View advisor activities associated to each offering and see who is promoting your offerings to investors.

Financial advisors are a somewhat untapped market for many commercial real estate firms. Commercial real estate firms and financial advisors have an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships with each other.  Read our recent blog to learn more.

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