Promote your brand by creating your own online real estate investment portal with CrowdStreet’s white-label fundraising software

CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct provides commercial real estate firms with a branded, secure and completely turn-key solution to easily and efficiently publish and promote investment offerings online, receive offers, subscribe investors, call for capitals & receive funds, and manage associated investor relations for the life of the deal.

CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct is white-label real estate investing software – designed from the ground-up to support the specific fundraising needs of commercial real estate sponsors and capital providers for special purpose entities or funds. It is ideally suited for all types of CRE fundraising including Reg D 506(b), Reg D 506(c), Reg S, Reg CF/Title III, Regulation A+ Tier 1, Regulation A+ Tier 2, and interstate raises.

It’s simple to create your own branded investing platform with CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct. Simply provide CrowdStreet with your current website and a couple of technical details. In less than two weeks CrowdStreet will launch your private portal, linked to your existing website and incorporating identical look and feel. With the click of a button, registered visitors to your site will be able to review your firm’s investment offering, sign online subscription agreements, and even submit offers online.

CrowdStreet Sponsor Direct is a white-label version of the same software that powers the award-winning CrowdStreet Marketplace – the investor acquisition and management solution trusted by over $3 billion in commercial real estate projects since 2014.

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